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If you wish, connect to your computer remotely from one corner of your office or from another part of the world. AnyDesk enables safe and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals and mobile people.

Online collaboration
Easily collaborate and communicate, whether during online meetings and presentations, or while working on the same document from the other side of the world

Internal File Transfer
Use the copy-paste feature or the new transfer tab to transfer files between computers

It does not require administrative authorization or installation. You only need to download the 3MB file. Need unattended access to your computer while you’re away from your desk? No problem, just upload and set a password

Make It Yourself

Give your customers a remote desktop experience compatible with your brand by customizing the AnyDesk user interface

Registration of Sessions
Both the IT professional and the user accessing the computer can record each session. This provides an extra level of security and is suitable for educational use.

Your Network
No clouds, no problem. If you want to keep your data under control, you can easily set up your own Corporate Network. Unencrypted data can never leave your DMZ network