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App Manager

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App Manager A simple application manager

App Manager is an application that allows you to easily and effortlessly control all the applications installed on your Android. And if your device can be rooted, it is much easier. For example, if your device is not rooted, you have to double click to uninstall the application, if it is rooted one click will be enough.

Users with rooted smartphones can also uninstall most default apps, many of which use large amounts of memory. You can get rid of these apps with just one click – but don’t go any further and make sure you don’t delete the apps required for your device to function properly.

Another cool feature of App Manager is that it allows you to easily share apps directly with Google Play link address or APK.

App Manager is an Android application manager that stands out for its ease of use. Note that if you don’t have a rooted device, you will have fewer features. You may have experienced this by now.

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