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Free Download Manager 6.11

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Increases download speed and organizes downloaded files

Download speed booster with file management and video download capabilities. It works with all major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer or Safari.
Free Download Manager (FDM for short) is a free, efficient and comprehensive solution to manage all your downloads. It supports YouTube, the most popular online media site, and BitTorrent protocol, supports all types of documents, ebooks, video and audio files, etc. It allows you to download and manage all in one interface.

You can copy and paste as many YouTube URLs as you want into the main window of the program, and for each, choose your preferred quality level from those available for that video. This includes the possibility of downloading only the audio stream of online video in any of the provided codecs. Videos can be previewed while the download is in progress, allowing you to download only the videos you really love. The program will use your default media player to open and play the selected file. Before starting the download process, you can define the hours and days of the week your downloads will be active. Incomplete downloads will continue automatically at these times, like any broken download that is interrupted for any reason.

While downloading your favorite online videos, you can also open any torrent file and manage their downloads in parallel. The program’s attractive and well-designed interface allows you to view your torrent downloads, YouTube downloads, download complete ones, still active ones, etc. It comes with custom tabs for you to view. Maximum number of concurrent downloads as well as upload and download speeds. You can also choose which files in the torrent file and where to download. You can define a specific port range, manually configure your proxy settings, and control your overall traffic easily and effectively. FDM’s exclusive way of managing your downloads by splitting them into smaller segments will allow you to get the most out of your connection and download and upload speeds.

Free Download Manager continues to improve many of its features with each new version. This 100% free and reliable app only needs support for a wider range of popular video sites other than YouTube to be one of the best free, easy-to-use and efficient download managers to choose from.

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