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GTA: Liberty City Stories money mod apk

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GTA: Liberty City Stories 2.4 money mod apk download

GTA: Liberty City Stories is an enjoyable game where you can fight against gangs by doing various tasks in the city of Liberty. We start the game with a phone call. We take the taxi to go to the gang leader and take our first assignment. Now our aim is to try to be the strongest gang in Liberty City. We start earning money as we take and complete tasks in the game. We can view the money we earned, the life bar, the clock and the weapon in our hand on the top right display. You can also see the map at the top left of the screen. You can follow the points you will take charge from this map. When you enter the game, you will be presented with 3 different ways to play. These are divided into analog, button and symbol. Each gameplay has different buttons and controls. You can see what type of gameplay has what kind of content while choosing. My advice to you, dear nephews, would be to choose the analog control. Because analog control restricts your movements in the game much less.

The graphics in GTA: Liberty City Stories game are quite good and attractive. You can participate in armed gang wars, drive a car or do any kind of job in the game. What you do is entirely up to you. There is no limitation. You can also go to the house given to you in the game and save the game you play. If you do not register and your game is deleted, you may have to start over. So before leaving the game, be sure to go home and record. My brothers, you can download the GTA: Liberty City Stories money cheat apk to your phone to become the leader of Liberty City’s best gang. Thanks to this apk file, you can buy the clothes, cars or weapons you want. Good games to you all!



To play the money cheat mod, first download and open the GTA: Liberty City Stories 2.4 OBB file and copy the com.rockstargames.gtalcs folder from your device’s home directory to the Android / OBB / folder. Then download and install the Fraudulent Apk file.

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