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What Is Havij ? What Does It Do?

Havij is a program ‘Panel and MD5 Crusher with many options. With the Safe3 Program of the sites, we can decipher the SQL-based vulnerabilities that we find. The use of the program is very easy.

1-First, we open our program and as we mentioned in the upper part, “URL WE WRITE THIS SECTION” Then we click on the part that says Analyze and it scans automatically.

2- You can see that it has been scanned at the bottom. After the next process is completed, the “Tables” section will be activated. Then we press the get tables button.

3- We will see a lot of folders in the get tables section, of course, we will choose the most necessary one for ourselves. To open the folders, we mark the box and press the get columns section.


5- Our process is completed, but it does not end here “We save the User name and password you have found somewhere.” The easiest thing is to find the Panel of the Site. It is easiest to find the Panel of the Site.

6- We found it beautifully in our admin panel. But just that? [IMG]. Next comes to cracking the password with MD5, you can do it easily when you follow the steps one by one. First, you have to find the MD5 Hash of the site, you can easily find it on the internet. Then come to our program and write this hash in the desired part, follow the red fields in the picture clearly.

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