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HiSuite 10.1

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Manage your Huawei phone from your computer and access contacts, messages, etc. Take control of every aspect of the device as you like. Copy pictures, videos, documents and other types of files. The tool also includes the ability to update the mobile phone’s operating system.
HiSuite is software for transferring files between a mobile device and a computer. Manage your contacts, customize your themes or manage applications and multimedia files.
HiSuite has a user-friendly interface with a beautifully designed theme and an easy to navigate menu. However, some action buttons on the home screen could be highlighted more accurately.

The features HiSuite embeds are not spectacular, but they meet any normal user needs. You can easily view, install and uninstall applications and also update them.

Contact management supports actions such as adding, deleting, editing, importing or exporting, while offering the same features when it comes to processing messages.

Images and videos can be scanned in different modes and can be easily imported or exported according to user needs. A cool feature is that users can take screenshots on the device directly from their computer.

All in all, HiSuite is a smart and useful program that finally meets users’ expectations. Moreover, it is free and uses a low amount of system memory. Still, it would be nice to have a user manual with some instructions on how to add photo albums or how to handle difficult tasks.

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