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How to Configure WordPress SMTP Mail Settings?

How to Configure WordPress SMTP Mail Settings?

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WordPress SMTP Mail Settings Detailed

WordPress SMPT Mail Settings
If you have not been able to set up mail on your wordpress site and are looking for a detailed explanation, this article titled How to Make WordPress SMTP Mail Settings will be a complete guide for you. Thanks to this guide, you will also find a solution to the problem of woocommerce not sending mail.

I forgot my WordPress password, is the mail not coming? Woocommerce not sending mail? You are experiencing these problems because the WordPress SMTP settings are not fully configured.

What You Should Know About WordPress SMTP
WordPress basically provides mailing with the PHP Mail feature, and many hosting companies in our country, unfortunately, do not fully offer this feature. In hosting companies that offer PHP Mail feature, this feature does not work properly for security reasons or in cases where it works properly, the mails sent are blocked before reaching the user or fall into the spam folder.

For these and many other reasons, configuring your WordPress site to SMTP will greatly contribute to the smooth functioning of the mail exchange on your site.

How to Configure SMTP Mail in WordPress?
First of all, click Add New from the Plugins section of your Worpress admin screen and type SMTP in the Search section. The plugin we will use in this detailed guide will be the WP Mail SMTP by WPForms plugin, install this plugin with the Install Now button and Activate it. If you do not have full knowledge of adding WordPress plugins, see How to Install WordPress Plugins? You can browse our article. If you don’t already have an email account with your site extension, let’s leave this plugin like this for now, we will return after other adjustments.

Before making any settings on the plugin, click on the E-Mail Accounts link on Cpanel and come to a new e-mail creation area with the Create link.

Make a note of the password, it will be required for SMTP setup.

After creating our e-mail address and writing down our password, we are ready for WordPress SMTP Mail settings. We’re going back to the WP Mail SMTP by WPForms plugin we installed and activated.

You can access the related plugin settings under the Settings tab in your WordPress admin panel.

How to Configure SMTP Mail in WordPress?
In the General settings section, type the e-mail address we created first. Make sure the Force From Email setup section is selected.
You can specify the From Name section as you wish. We defined it as Info Mail.

In the Mailer section, select the Other SMTP section.

How to Configure WP Mail SMTP?
A little wrong you make in these arrangements will cause your mails not to work. That’s why you have to be extremely careful and careful in these adjustments. We need to go back to CPANEL for the adjustments here. Click on the CONNECT DEVICES tab on the “info” e-mail address we have just created over E-Mail Accounts over CPANEL.

You will see the settings titled Mail Client Manual Settings. If you have trouble accessing these settings, you can ask your hosting company for the settings for SMTP mail setup, they will help.

Here we can see the mail address whose settings we use and the Incoming Mail Server, Outgoing Server and PORT information connected to this address. For secure transaction, we will make settings to Secure SSL / TLS Settings (Recommended).

Write Outgoing Server information to the SMTP Host section and
As Encryption, we choose SSL settings.
In the SMTP Port section, we write the PORT number given to us in the Outgoing Server field.
Authentication ON, that is, open and then
You can use the e-mail address we created in the SMTP Username
In the SMTP Password section, write the password of the e-mail address we have created,

We save our settings with the Save Settings button. It will work fine if you make adjustments as follows.

Testing WordPress SMTP Mail Settings
Your mails are working now after you have done the settings exactly, but let’s do a little test to not take any chances.

You can perform the test by typing your personal e-mail address (Gmail, Hotmail etc.) from the Email Test field.
Note: If you are using a weak and low-resource hosting, the page may fail in the test part of this simple plugin. In such a case, you can contact your hosting provider and ask if they have restrictions with SMTP.

In this article, we explained in detail How to Configure WordPress SMTP Mail Settings for you. You can report your opinion on the subject by commenting. If there is a point you want us to help with, you can contact us via our contact page.

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