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MediaShow 5 sets up a media center for archiving, editing and editing all the photos and videos on your computer. The stylish and easy to use design of the program, slide show feature, video and photo editing

Increasing use of digital cameras has led us to record every moment of ours. If you want to organize and store your videos and photos that are increasing day by day with a single program, MediaShow 5 is for you. By installing the program, you also set up a media center for photos and videos on your computer. It is a unique program for those who want to regularly archive your most special moments with its advanced features, simple use and stylish design.


Correcting and Editing Videos and Photos with One Click
You will be able to keep the images of your most special moments in the best way with the program that corrects the image distortions in your photos and videos according to its own filter features. With the program correction feature, it can correct problems such as red eye, blur, contrast. In addition, videos and photos can be edited thanks to the features in the program.

Smart Face Recognition Feature
With the Face Tagging feature, the other photos of the people in your archive are automatically found. The program will be an effective tool to organize your archive with a 95% success rate in face recognition. The program, which scans 1000 photos in 8 minutes, will speed up your organization. The people whose face you have identified will be tagged with their names and their names will appear as soon as you hover over them. You will be able to search within photos with the search feature.

Slide Show Feature
You can add effects, text and music to slide shows that you can make by mixing both your photos and videos. It is possible to prepare beautiful slide shows using 12 ready-made themes in the program itself.

Video Converter
The program can convert videos to different video formats with its “video converter” feature. With the program, you can convert your videos to a format suitable for PSP, iPod, iPhone, Zune, Xbox and PS3 devices.

Saving on DVD
With the program, you can burn your videos and photos to DVD immediately. If you wish, you can add animated menus to the DVD and decorate it. For this feature, the program lets you download ready-made DVD menus for free from the DirectorZone site. The program also allows you to print your photos or send them via Outlook.

Supported Devices

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic
PlayStation Portable (PSP), PlayStation 3
XBox, Zune
Formats for Video Output


Supported Picture Formats