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As the # 1 best-selling encyclopedia software brand for the past 8 years *, Microsoft® Encarta® Premium 2008 provides more current content and more engaging multimedia than ever before. Whether you search online or offline, this is a reliable way for everyone in the family to easily find relevant and reliable information on almost any topic. What’s more, Encarta Premium 2008 has a look and feel that makes it easy to use. You will be able to start exploring scientific information right away from one of the world’s most trusted encyclopedias. Microsoft Encarta Premium 2008 helps families and lifelong learners discover a world of knowledge. Browse more than 60,000 articles, over 25,000 photos and images, over 800 videos and interactive events, and over 3,000 audio and music clips. What’s more, Encyclopedia also has an interactive atlas containing 1.8 million map locations. Microsoft Encarta Premium 2008 contains editorially approved content. Unlike many web encyclopedias, the authors of the more than 60,000 detailed articles in Encarta Premium 2008 are experts in their fields. Your children get relevant age-appropriate information from sources you can trust. Children may use Web Links to more than 25,000 Web sites previously selected by Encarta editors for relevant and age-appropriate research materials.

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