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Minecraft 1.11

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Break and place blocks in an open world full of various activities

It creates a fully featured open world where players must engage in different activities such as farming, hunting, mining and exploration. Supports adding 3rd party plugins to customize the interface and play style.
Minecraft is a kind of combination between an adventure and a construction game. The name is self-explanatory, you will have to mine a lot to get resources from which a wide variety of items can be crafted. It contains a large number of game modes, but I found the survival and creative ones to be the most interesting. These modes are supported in single and multiplayer game styles.

To start playing, you must first create a world. This is where you can choose the game mode and choose a difficulty level. Difficulty matters when playing in survival mode, not creative mode. One thing that bothered me was that there was no tutorial inside the game to explain all of its features. However, the game is intuitive and you will never be able to figure it out.

The survival mode combines elements of adventure, creativity and exploration. Basically, your main goal in this mode is to survive as long as possible. You start off with nothing, and as long as you stay alive, you are free to roam freely and do whatever you want. The difficult thing is that monsters will appear that try to kill you at night. You can choose to fight the monsters by creating your own weapons and armor, or avoid them by creating an impenetrable house. Another thing in this mod is that some monsters appear in shadows or caves. And often very good resources are found in the deepest caves. So there is some tension in the game because you always have to be prepared, which really makes the game even more interesting.

Creative mode is for creating your own world. You can create anything you want, as big as you want, so you have complete freedom. It definitely brings a sense of satisfaction to creating your own world because it’s unlike anyone else’s and you can show it off in multiplayer too.

The game mechanics are probably some of the best of other games. You collect resources by hitting blocks until they break. You can produce items with these. Basic items can be crafted in a specific way in the crafting section of your inventory. The more complicated ones require a crafting table that you have to build first. Items can range from cosmetic to armor, weapons, tools to help you gather resources faster, and torches that allow you to see in the dark.

The only thing that can kick out new players is the graphics quality. The game looks really outdated and brings back memories of the ’90s. But once you play it and realize how much fun it can be to have so much freedom in a game, it will likely change your mind. Entire castles can be built with towing bridges and complex mechanics, and you can do this together with your multiplayer friends. Finally, I can say that it is a great and great game. It has made so much noise over the last few years that almost 7 million people are playing now.

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