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Model2icon 1.15

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Model2Icon converts 3D models into Windows and Mac OS X icons

As operating systems evolved, icons kept pace with them. From a simple bunch of pixels thrown onto the desktop to make a program easier to start, they have become little masterpieces.
There are many programs to create icons that offer many innovative ways to create them.
Model2Icon is a program that converts 3D models into icons for Windows and Mac OS X systems. Models can be imported from both .3DS and .MD3 file formats.
The app has a simple interface – a bit too simple in my opinion, which means you don’t need to be a graphics wizard to work with Model2icon.
If the first model was built to allow this, the models can be rotated 360 degrees, colored, and even replaced by removing parts of it.
Application options also allow adding a shadow to the object and customizing the way it is displayed. All changes are made through three sets of options in the Model2icon interface: Model Transform, Show Shadow, and Mesh.
Model2Icon is very easy to use which means it won’t take much time to create beautiful icons.

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