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Nikon Capture 4.4

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Integrates with Nikon cameras and provides additional processing for images

It loads images from Nikon and provides full digital image processing and editing capabilities. Enhances images using Color Control Points based on masks, selections, or layers. The output file is saved as JPEG, TIFF or NEF in case users want to go back and reverse the changes.
Nikon Capture NX is a full-scale digital image processing and editing software application for digital photographers, derived from Nikon Capture. Capture NX now provides:
Color Control Points powered by powerful U Point technology, allowing the user to selectively enhance the image directly without using masks, selections or layers.

The ability to apply each tool non-destructively remains (Requires the user to save their image with NEF. Original file can be JPEG, TIFF or NEF). Selective tools such as the Selection Brush and Selection Gradient that can be used to selectively apply any of the enhancements.
25 new tools and enhancements, from Black, White, and Neutral Control Point tools that allow the user to remove color casts and adjust the dynamic range of their image, to the Distortion Correction enhancement that allows the user to reduce barrel and pincushion type distortions.
A very featured browser.
Tutorials are available at Click Tutorials.

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