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Personal Video Database

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If you want to create a personal archive for your DVD movies, DivX series or all your videos downloaded from the internet, Personal Video Database meets your request for free.

One of the greatest passions of home users is archiving movies and series. DivXs that are carefully recorded in DVDs or boxed DVDs that have been purchased wait for the day they will be watched in a corner of the house. However, the download rush continues. Another problem that comes into play at this point is time. It may be quicker to trade friends with the same passion than download a movie.

In such a case, the most logical thing is to save your archive to a file one by one and to make a comparison from that file when necessary. But if you have more than 100 movies, this can take quite a while. As you can understand from the name of Personal Video Database, a software developed with this kind of situation in mind, it allows you to keep an archive of the movies you have. By simply entering the title of a movie.

When you enter the name of a movie in the software, the program immediately pulls the poster or the image of the DVD box from, gets the rating information from imdb and opens boxes where you can enter the actors, director or subject if you wish.

In short, the features of the program increase in direct proportion to the time you allocate for it. This free program, which has been developed for film and TV series enthusiasts to keep their archives organized, may be very useful in the future.

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