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Subway Surfers Unlimited Money and Keys Mod Apk

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Subway Surfers 2.6.4 unlimited money and keys mod apk download

Subway Surfers is an endless game where you will escape from the guard who tries to catch you on the train tracks. Yes, brothers, you are a young person who spray-paint graffiti on train cars and of course this is not legal. There is also a guard uncle with a dog who constantly checks the waiting train wagons. The guard uncle sees you doing graffiti and runs after you. In Subway Surfers, your goal is to escape from the guard uncle who comes behind you without getting stuck in obstacles. There are obstacles that you have to lean, jump and escape to the left and right. The game is very similar to Temple Run as we know, but there is a difference in this game that you can not only run left and right, but also continue on your way on the trains when you have no exit.

You can buy extra features to make the game more fun and chirping. You can change your character’s type, clothes, skateboard, etc. If the guard uncle catches you, you can continue where you left off in exchange for a few keys. Since I give you the Subway Surfers unlimited money and key fraudulent apk file, you will be able to buy extra features and continue where you left off. However, do not be spoiled for having money, try to taste it.

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