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TeamViewer 15.9

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Remotely control other devices from your PC

Provides remote access to any other Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android systems. Transfer files both ways and share all data with your friends. No installation required for portable version.
TeamViewer is specially designed for IT professionals to provide online support. It can also be used to allow collaboration between members of a work team. The application is easy to install, unlike another of the same kind. The most important part of this first process is the creation and sharing of a password to secure the connection. Fortunately, data transfers are done in encrypted form (256bit). It’s a shame, though, that it doesn’t support blocking of unwanted connections using IP filtering.

As for file sharing, TeamViewer allows you to easily transfer files as you have to drag a file to copy it to the target location. This mechanism works quickly and reliably even for very large files. Sharing desktops also doesn’t take much effort, and you can switch control over when needed. All other features are easily accessible from the main window.

The tool allows not only computers but also portable devices to be connected. It’s good that using the app on your device doesn’t mean learning something new, as everything is done practically the same.

As a result, TeamViewer can meet most expectations regarding connection speed, which is probably the main concern users of such tools have. Thankfully, this product doesn’t have as steep a learning curve as other similar apps. It definitely deserves a try.

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