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TIFF2PDF Pilot 2.16

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A tool to convert one or more TIFF images into a single PDF document

If you often need to convert different images to PDF documents, this is the right tool for you. Tiff2PDF is a simple and effective tool for converting single or multiple Tiff images to a PDF document.

Tiff2PDF has several settings to customize your PDF output. Thus, you can protect the file from copying and / or printing or force the document to open with only one password. You can define the PDF version you want to convert your images to, as well as the layout of the document pages. One of its main assets is that you can convert most of your TIFF images into a single PDF file by checking the “All in one” box. You can also choose to add individual files or a complete folder to be converted. You also have the ability to change the hierarchy of various images by defining the order in which they will appear in the PDF file.

This tool will ensure that the size of the converted document in bytes is sufficient to allow you to share it with friends via email and upload it to your website without weight issues. This tool also allows you to add some important metadata such as author, subject, title and keywords to your output PDF.

The trial version will add extra text to the converted file indicating where the converted document came from. So far it is compatible with Windows XP / 2000 / ME and 98.