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VLC media player 3.0

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Plays AVI, MP4, WMP and other popular video formats

The video player supports fast hardware decoding and almost all available formats (AVI, MP4, WMP) including lossless ones. The interface can look a little boring, so the VLC team offers you a number of different skins.
The VLC media player has always been one of the things that kept you alive: the cross-version version was released and only the most advanced users could distinguish them. All the changes were noticeable only after a beautiful magnifying glass. VLC 2.0 is the opposite: repeating the developer, you could say this version is ‘a major upgrade for VLC’.

The most important new feature that the latest version of VLC Media Player should have is the rewritten output core and modules. The built-in program engine now supports sub-picture blending in the GPU. In layman’s terms, this means that the subtitles or extra camera angles that accompany a video can now be blended directly into the image inside the player and possibly color it with hardware acceleration. If you’re wondering what you might need, imagine trying to post a video of a funny moment in your favorite French TV shows to YouTube or something else, and English subtitles are only available. seeing. For this purpose, you will most likely cut out the required track from the video on your computer, using the player’s own recording capabilities. In this case, the only way to get the subtitles shown in the posted video is to “shuffle the sub-picture”. So, I can say this is nice.

Fans of .mkv format also have something to rejoice: the new VLC media player version now properly supports selecting lossless formats for .mkv videos. In a nutshell, you can now package an HD video into a Matroska file and enjoy beautiful images as well as high quality sound. Finally!

Other Windows version features that a non-professional user can understand without delving into Wikipedia or Google include experimental Blu-Ray disc support (‘experimental’ probably means it tends to fail here and there) and a host of new video releases. and quality enhancing video filters for Windows 7. As a result, VLC 2.0 for Windows has seen a number of great quality improvements and support fixes that make the player more comfortable to use.

But it’s not gold that shines. While the new VLC features add to the overall usability of the player, they’re not actually something to write at home. In fact, there are many other media players that have featured such thing over the years. The only excuse for VideoLAN to present these changes as the highlights of the new versions is that VLC media Player is actually an open source project focused largely on portability. And for a program of its kind, it fulfills its role perfectly: it might not be as sophisticated as its commercial counterparts, but it’s still one of the best media players you can get for free.

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