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WhatsApp Desktop

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Use Whatsapp from your Desktop

One of the biggest problems with WhatsApp web is that you have to run a compatible browser to use it on your PC. Fortunately, this fully standalone desktop client version is easy to run within its own window and has all the features of the Web version.

Just like with the web browser version, you need to sync this program with your mobile phone by scanning a QR code that you can do from within Whatsapp on your smartphone. Just tap the icon labeled WhatsApp Web in the menu bar of these apps. After that, all your conversations, sessions, and contacts will be synchronized and you will even be able to interact with them from your PC without any hassle.

When managing groups, sending and receiving messages, you can use the camera integrated with your desktop (if available) to send videos and photos you take. The only limitation is the one we just mentioned; To use it on your desktop, it must be installed and running on your Android or iOS device.

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