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Zoom Cloud Meetings

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Zoom is a Windows tool you can use for high-quality calls and video conferences. Plus, the broadcast possibilities for both the broadcaster and the viewer are huge.

The interface in Zoom is designed with the idea that you can use a combination of the program for PC, smartphone or tablet. This is extremely useful by allowing you to install the program on multiple platforms so you can use it anywhere and anytime. In this case, when you turn it on on your PC, you can adjust the camera and microphone until the quality is as perfect as possible.

With Zoom, you can do more than connect with colleagues and friends. Besides using the video and audio features, you can share your screen or use virtual backgrounds to customize each broadcast. You also have the option to invite your contacts to any meeting using simple links.

Zoom is an incredibly effective and comprehensive tool that allows you to easily make video calls and conferences. Lots of customization options, security features, and streaming quality are more than enough reasons to try this program.

Unmatched usability
Enable fast adoption with meeting features that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate on any device.

Join anywhere, on any device
Zoom Meetings synchronizes with your calendar system and offers enterprise-level video conferencing from desktop and mobile devices.

Strong meeting security
Robust security settings ensure uninterrupted meetings. Encryption, role-based security, Password protection

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